The story behind.

The re-set wellbeing cards is a creative response of designer Francesca Poggi and wellbeing specialist Elodie Caucigh, in the face of global pandemic and the ambient need for more awareness of our individual wellbeing, in the ways in which we choose to live and work every day.

Elodie Caucigh is a wellbeing specialist, writer and content creator for more wellbeing.

Former advertising executive, Elodie founded real ease in 2017, exploring entrepreneurship and developing desk yoga and corporate wellbeing solutions while recovering from her own burnout. Since then, she has helped countless professionals and private clients find ease in being themselves and recover from stress-related discomfort, through the intuitive use of wellbeing.

Deeply involved in the Swiss and female entrepreneur ecosystems, Elodie was co-director of Startup Grind Zurich and leads the Lean In Wellbeing circle to empower women in their wellbeing and coaching vocations while raising awareness on stress management and mental health. In her first book “Easily you. When wellbeing works for you” (published in 2022), she relates her personal and entrepreneurial journey through the lens of our wellbeing signs and self-concepts.

Francesca Poggi is a graphic designer, specialised in publication and editorial products.

After the postgraduate study in Brand Communication in Milan, she worked for different communication agencies in Italy, having the opportunity to work with well-known clients while discovering and specialising in what she loves the most: layouts, brand identities, infographics.

When she moved to Zurich at the beginning of 2019, she connected with like-minded female entrepreneurs within the Birdhaus community. This was an empowering shift, allowing her to further change her mindset and build a more conscious and healthy life for herself and her business. She found her own studio, Bright Lines Design, with the purpose of promoting wellbeing and consciousness through graphic design.

Francesca Poggi

“I find Elodie being such a positive presence while so strong and driven towards offering alternatives to feel more relaxed and productive at work. It is a pleasure having the chance to get to know you.”

— Daniela D., Amazon